Your Passport for an Inclusive University Experience

OneSpace is an inclusive digital Mental Health, Neurodiversity, Disability and Wellbeing Passport including a wrap around support network, with an emphasis on safeguarding and joined up working – created by Mental Health Practitioners working in universities

OneSpace supports students who wouldn’t necessarily turn up to services and ask for support, capturing all students, with or without mental health and neurodiversity diagnosis.

OneSpace encourages disclosure and ethically supports students as soon as they disclose

OneSpace is preventative, enabling students to access support when they first notice signs of mental health decline’

Who are UMO

Award-Winning Mental Health Services

UMO provides expert Mental Health Support. We provide highly effective, personalized practical and psychological support through mentoring and coaching. Our services positively impact mental health, neurodiversity and wellbeing.

Inclusive Support For Your Wellbeing

Whatever the barrier, UMO’s expert team of mentors, therapists and coaches are passionate about equipping you with skills, tools and resilience. Our aim is to enable you take control of your mental health and wellbeing. Together we can ensure your working life is balanced, healthy and fulfilling. We offer both in-person and online support.